Dr. Sarah Hedtrich (Assistant Professor, Tenure Track)

email:, phone: 604-822-2466

office: 6617

Short CV




Research Assistant

Dr. Selina Rahman Shanta

Lab Manager & Research Assistant





Belal Tafech, MSc

Research Assistant

Topic: Transmucosal-nanoparticle interactions & gene delivery in lung disease




Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Qurrat Ul Ain

Topic: In situ Gene Therapy for Severe, Monogenic Skin Diseases





Dr. Partho Adhikary

Topic: Novel small TSLP inhibitors for the treatment of atopic diseases.





Graduate Students

Zheng Tan, PhD student

Topic: Establishment of organ co-cultures using organ-on-a-chip technology.





Juliana de Andrada Bolsoni, MSc student

Topic: Facilitating the topical delivery of gene-editing tools into human skin.





Rawan Charbaji, PhD student

Topic: Targeted drug delivery in mucosal epithelium for infection prevention


Anne Eichhorst, PhD student

Topic: Development and characterization of a human three-dimensional in vitro lung model as a testing matrix for antiviral strategies.



Patrick Graff, PhD student

Topic: Development of a dynamic two-organ model combining lung and skin for studying the atopic march in vitro



Undergraduate Students

Danny Liu

Topic: In situ Gene Therapy for Severe, Monogenic Skin Diseases






Dr. Marijana Jevtic

Dr. Estefania Campos

Dr. Anna Loewa

Dr. Katharina Hoerst

Dr. Guy Yealland

Dr. Nada Charbaji

Dr. Leonie Verheyen (née Wallmeyer)

Dr. Stefan Hönzke

Dr. Madeleine Witting

Dr. Kay Strüver

Dr. Katja Fuchs (née Obst)

Aaroh Anand Joshi, MSc

Tarada Tripetchr, MSc

Morris Baumgardt, BSc

Natascha Eger, MSc

Ana Rita Falcao, MSc

Conrad Heilmann, MSc